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September 24, 2018

Hey boo!   Wow – where did the summer go? Although we’re based in CA, and the summer never really ends for us (totally rubbing it in), we still need to get our fall vibes in before we get hit with winter. Fall brings so many fun activities with it, and we decided to put […]

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hey boo,

Hey boo!


Wow – where did the summer go? Although we’re based in CA, and the summer never really ends for us (totally rubbing it in), we still need to get our fall vibes in before we get hit with winter. Fall brings so many fun activities with it, and we decided to put together the ultimate fall bucket list for our boo’s – whether you’re bundling up in a nice sweater and going apple picking, choosing to bake some fall goodies, or if you’re just trying to get your mind right before the end of the year – we got you.


1. Go Apple Picking

Going apple picking is a fun fall tradition, especially after the leaves begin to change and fall! Although it seems like a daunting task to climb trees & pick apples – don’t worry. Most apple orchards have “U-Pick” apples where the apples have already been picked for you, and all you have to do is grab whatever fresh apples you want! Most apple orchards also have fun farms or stores attached to them where they sell fresh basked apple pies, any type of butters or spreads that were packaged locally & all home backed sweets your heart desires.


2. Bake an Apple Pie

Speaking of apple pie – we’re baking a fresh, homemade apple pie. (Not including the crust because no one has time for that, but if you do, you go boo.) Nothing like taking a Sunday afternoon to slice and dice some apples, and smelling the sweet aroma of pie in your place while you get ready for the week! P.S – bake this pie with a grain of salt ( figuratively ) be prepared to share this pie with your friends, co-workers, or anyone in between. No one needs a full pie sitting in their fridge waiting to be binged on.


3. Go To Bed Earlier

Yes – with the time change upon us, what better time then now to get to bed earlier, so you can wake up & get more things done in the day? Because it will be darker much earlier, you’ll want to maximize the sunlight as much as possible, and avoid any laziness that might come at the end of your day when you know you should be working on your business, but instead because it’s dark outside your body is ready to wind down. Get to bed early, to get more work done!


4. Go On A Detox

We know – super counterproductive to the apple pie baking we recommended earlier but boo – Thanksgiving & Christmas is coming. Which means there will be way more apple pies, sweet potato pies, peach cobblers, chocolate cakes, and then some coming your way. Take a few days to detox your body, and reset before the carb heavy holidays come! We’re all about staying fit, but nobody’s trying to eat clean on Thanksgiving. So why not get a jump start and get your body prepared for what’s to come?


5. Create Your Own Fleece Blanket

We know you’ve seen these floating around, but actually these fleece blankets are super bomb. Super cheap to make as all you have to do is buy the fleece, but you have full creative direction on the type of fleece, the color, the print, everything! Take it home, cut your corners, and tie it together & bam! New cuddle buddy on your couch! For instructions on how to do a DIY Fleece blankets, click here. P.S – these make great ( & cheap) Christmas gifts.


6. Read a True Crime Book

Nothing gets us in the mood more for Halloween then a good scary book – especially a book that’s based on a true story! True Crime adds just a hint of scare whether you’re curled up on a couch before bedtime, or reading on your morning commute. Here are our current favorites. (I’ll Be Gone in the Dark & Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil )

7. Bake Rice Krispy Treats

Because who doesn’t like these?! Quick, easy, and you can spruce it up however you like. Here are our favorite recipes. Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats & OG Rice Krispy Treats.


8. Host a Fright Night At Your House

Get your friends together for a fun fright night at your house! It doesn’t have to be super big or crazy. But think of some activities you want to do, like making Rice Krispy treats, trail mix, or even get fancy with some homemade taffy apples with all the fixings – and put together a list of movies you guys can watch! Cuts on cost of going out for Halloween, and gives you an excuse to wear comfy clothes around your house and cuddle up on the couch with your bae! Pro Tip: Rent a projector or gather everyone around in your living room and watch scary movies. Pop loads of popcorn, and have some sips ready!


9. Decorate Your House

Get yourself a pumpkin boo! Or some fake leaves, or whatever other fall decor you have to decorate your space! You can go all out, or keep it simple, but we’re decorating this year to bring the warmth and joy over the upcoming holiday into our homes. Great places to find cheap fall decor? AMAZON.


10. Be Intentional

Take a few minutes to be intentional about how you want your holiday season to look this year. Chaotic with last minute shopping? Organized? Present with family members? Whatever it is, take a minute to think about your intentions for the months ahead, and what that entails.


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