You Are The Accomplishment

As we wrap up another year, don’t start evaluating all the things that you did not get to do. Do not, for one second, try to add up where you stand next to everyone else this year. Accomplishments come and go sis. But you are forever. The girl that you were earlier this year, last […]


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Here's the Title of a Really Great Blog Post


Exactly How I Quit My Job I Hated and Make 3x More Than I Did Before


What I Wore to That One Really Great Party 


You are More Than a Target Starbucks Cup


Life is already tough as it is sis. Don’t make it harder, by criticizing yourself. Criticizing your looks, your thoughts, your decisions…let it go. Allow yourself to just be yourself. Sometimes people, family, and even friends will say something to you, that will make you question who you are. The things that they say will […]

The Courage To Be You


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You can make 100 plans and have 100 things to do, but that means nothing if you don’t have your priorities together. The year is coming to an end, and now is the time (before the turkey & the holiday shopping of course) to sit down and think about what you want the next 12 […]

Get Your Priorities Together


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