Your Gift Will Make Room For You

It’s looking like a season finale boo! Listen, there is something that only you can do in this lifetime that has the power to change your life, and the lives of those around you. All of us were born with a gift, and whether we use it or not is up to us. But the […]


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Here's the Title of a Really Great Blog Post


Exactly How I Quit My Job I Hated and Make 3x More Than I Did Before


What I Wore to That One Really Great Party 


You are More Than a Target Starbucks Cup


Everyone will not love who you are and what you do. The real question is, do you though? Your gifts, talents, ideas, and all the things that make you the bomb person that you are, will not be for everybody. No matter how hard you work at something, and no matter how hard you try, […]

You Won’t Be For Everybody


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Life has a way of grabbing us by the edges, and hitting us when we least expect it. No matter how great you may be feeling, life can just punch you out of nowhere. But at some point, when you’ve had enough, you have to learn how to look life square in the eye and […]

Stand Up & Fight Back


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