Stop Being Mean To Yourself

Some days you feel super confident and beautiful, and just feeling yourself, and literally the next day you can feel raggedy. Some days you can feel like you are in perfect alignment, and you love your life, and you love where it’s going, and the next day can feel completely opposite. Both days you are […]


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Here's the Title of a Really Great Blog Post


Exactly How I Quit My Job I Hated and Make 3x More Than I Did Before


What I Wore to That One Really Great Party 


You are More Than a Target Starbucks Cup


You can’t always be what everyone else wants you to be sis. You have to learn how to take a step back, and to do what is ultimately best for you. You have to do what is best for your life, and your well being, not the lives and well being of the people around […]

Do What’s Best For You


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How you feel everyday, has the power to dictate your every move in life sis. But just because you feel a certain way, that doesn’t mean that feeling is coming from a true place. For example: Just because you feel unproductive today, that does not make you a lazy person. Just because you feel bad […]

Facts Over Feelings


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