Dreams Require Sacrifice

So many changes happening in our world! Thank you for such a great season, and cheers to this finale episode. Sometimes you have to give up something great, to gain something even better. Big dreams come with big sacrifices, and either you’re going to make those dreams come true, with all the sacrifices you may […]


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Here's the Title of a Really Great Blog Post


Exactly How I Quit My Job I Hated and Make 3x More Than I Did Before


What I Wore to That One Really Great Party 


You are More Than a Target Starbucks Cup


You may not be finishing the year the way you planned, but you can still finish the year with some joy. Even though you may not have hit your sales goal this year, went on that vacation you planned, or finished that book you wanted to write, finishing the year with your sanity and peace […]

Get Your House In Order


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We have no control over how other people feel. We have no control over what other people say, and we certainly have no control over what other people do. But what we do have control over is ourselves, what we do, and how we respond. Your life is yours, and yours alone. No matter what […]

The Show Must Go On


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