15 Self Care Activities To Boost Your Overall Well Being

October 22, 2018

Between running your households, careers, businesses, and maintaining friendships, it can be a lot to juggle. Trying to handle every part of our lives, sometimes all at once can take a toll on our bodies, our minds and our health. Because we have so many things on our plate to remember, plan, and attend we […]

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Between running your households, careers, businesses, and maintaining friendships, it can be a lot to juggle. Trying to handle every part of our lives, sometimes all at once can take a toll on our bodies, our minds and our health. Because we have so many things on our plate to remember, plan, and attend we forget to slow down and take a moment to ourselves. If we are in “hustle” mode all of the time, we never have a minute to recuperate, and give ourselves a rest. When we start putting ourselves last, we won’t have the energy to continue to pour into those households, careers, businesses and relationships we manage. Although we’ve got you covered and listed a few self care activities to help you build a routine in taking care of yourself – self care is not limited to what we’re recommending! It’s about listening to your inner voice and knowing what makes us truly happy, what makes us content, and what makes us feel refueled to keep going on, and living our best lives. This list could go forever, but here are some of our faves.


Work From a Coffee Shop

It’s always good to switch it up, and work from a coffee shop. It’s always good to change up your enviornment, and work from some place different if you can. Even if you can’t move your 9 – 5 during the weekday to your local coffee shop, how about the weekends when you have additional work to get done. Added Bonus: Getting to know the employees that work there, so they memorize your order, and can always hit you with a free cup here and there if they permit it.

Self Care Sundays

Too busy to really take time for yourself during the week and enjoy? Designate a Sunday to take care of yourself, do things you like to do, and most importantly – get back to doing you.

Explore Your City

Much cheaper than a staycation, but much better than staying in the house or hitting the spots you always hit! Take time to take a different route home, go to a different grocery store, spend more talk walking with your headphones out of your ears, and your ears tuned into what’s going on around you. You might find something you never thought was there.

Rearrange A Room in Your House

Nothing beats moving the couch around, rearranging the kitchen cabinets, and redecorating your room! We’re all about creating a beautiful and high frequency environment, and when you come into the same house everyday, it can get a little dull. Spice it up with some new pieces for your house, or keep it cheap and move everything around!

Exfoliate & Moisturize Your Body

Chile – because we’re in such a rush we forget to moisturize daily & exfoliate that skin! Designate 3 days a week for exfoliating, and do not a single fabric of clothing hit your body before moisturizing. Your future self will thank you.

Go On A Date With Yourself

Who need’s a  boo to go on a date? Or even your bestie? Okay just kidding – we all need our bae’s and besties, but sometimes it’s good to just get out and do something alone. Be intentional about spending a night withyourself, and yes sis, call it a date. Take yourself to a nice dinner and go see a movie by yourself. If you haven’t done this before – try it. Totally liberating! (and you don’t have to compromise on what you want to eat or see at the movies, it’s all about you and what you want.)

Clean Your Crib

Yes – throw the whole house away! (LOL) No but really – life hits us fast on the daily and things are probably piling up on that kitchen counter. Take a Saturday and de-clutter your home, your room, your bathroom, sanitize, and clean the floors. A clean threshold of living provides for a clean mind.

Brain Dump

Too much to think about? Get a journal and dump it out. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, or aesthectically. A brain dump is exactly what you think it is – a brain dump. In no order or fashion write down your thoughts, and feelings, and ideas as freely and quickly as they come to your brain. It may not make sense on paper – but the act of calling attention to what’s on your mind, and immediately writing it down as you see it in your head, can alleviate some stress you may be feeling, and most importantly, get your mind off of whatever it is you are thinking about.

Bake Or Cook Something Yummy

Can you invite us over for this? 🙂 Promise yourself to try a new recipe every week, or month! Bake something yummy and bring it in to share with your coworkers ( yes sis, even if you don’t like them) or promise to try a more difficult dish to sharpen those culinary skills you have , or may want!

Paint Your Nails ( Or Get them Done )

We’re more in favor of hitting up your favorite nail lady to get those fingers and toes done. But obviously doing it yourself is a much cheaper option. You know our motto: There is nothing a good mani/pedi can’t cure. Added Bonus: you’ll always look polished and put together with nice hands and feet.

Start an Idea Journal

Sometimes because our attention is on so many different things, we get ideas that hit us on the fly and we can’t execute them right away like we may want. Some great ideas take time to flesh out. Time that we don’t necessarily have at the moment. So start an idea journal. Keep it with you at all times, and when motivation strikes and that light bulb goes off? Write it down! It doesn’t have to be an idea you are for sure going to pursue – or even a good idea. But an idea is an idea boo. You can always revisit it in the future when you do have more time to focus on it.

Sweat it Out

Nothing beats getting in the gym, or outside for a good run and getting those endorphins running. As they always say, getting to the gym to workout is the hardest part, but once you get there, and workout, you feel so much better when you leave. God forbid you are already checking for abs, or if you look slimmer after just one workout (guilty).

Take Social Media Breaks

Did you know last year (2017) social media counted as the “highest stressors” in 43% of Americans? What?! Yes. Consistently checking your social media apps, and receiving content inadvertently is causing you stress! Turn the app off sis! It’s okay to feel connected, but designate hours of the day where you only use social media. Can be in the mornings and 2 hours before bed, can be 2 hours in the day…whatever it is, use it and then turn it off and give yourself a break. You’ll be surprised how relaxed you feel throughout the day, and how connected you’ll be to the things around you, as opposed to being on the phone all day.

Invest Time in Your Family & Friends

Whomever it is, your sister, brother, mom, dad, grandma, whoever – take 15 minutes to Facetime them, or What’s App them, and ask them about their day. Ask them what’s going on in their worlds. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own worlds, that we forget the people that we love are going through the same things too, with their own problems. Listen to the fun and exciting things your families talk about. Spend some time loving on them, and they’ll send some love right back to you.

Create Playlist For Your Mood

We live for a good playlist on our favorite streaming device. But the best thing to do is have a playlist ready to go, for the mood you’re in. Feeling like a girl boss? Keep that going with your favorite girl boss tracks. Feeling stressed, queue up your chill songs. Want to be left alone, and just need a minute to yourself? Vibe out to your favorite artist that always makes you feel better when you listen to their music. The best part about this, is naming the playlist! We may or may not have a playlist called, “Wipe Your Face and Boss Up Bih”

Happy Self Caring!

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