4 Hacks For Getting Ahead at Work

November 19, 2018

    Now that it’s review time for most of you as the end of the year is approaching – you either got a really good review, or, well – a not so good one. Looking ahead to next year, and whether your goals are set high to get promoted and get a raise – […]

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Now that it’s review time for most of you as the end of the year is approaching – you either got a really good review, or, well – a not so good one. Looking ahead to next year, and whether your goals are set high to get promoted and get a raise – or you’re looking to phase out into a different department at work, or just gearing up to get a new job next year, we’ve put together 4 small but mighty hacks that will get you ahead at work! Try thinking about your professional goals for next year, and incorporating these small hacks into your work routines so that come review time next year – you’ve got it in the bag.


Feedback Is Everything

Most people wait until the very end of the year to hear feedback from their peers and boss about how they performed at work throughout the year. Our recommendation: don’t wait until the end of the year. Do it now. There is never a time where it’s too early to request feedback. If you do one on one’s with your boss, set aside time during one of those one on one’s to just discuss feedback. ( If you don’t meet with your boss regularly, take the initiative, and set up the touch points yourself) This will force your boss to actively think of your progress or lack thereof and be able to address it then and there instead of you finding out about all of your shortcomings at the end oft he year. Be proactive and meet monthly, or however often you think it’s necessary to meet, and start digging into your development.


Always Be One Step Ahead

As the saying goes, if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. One tip for always standing out among your peers at work – is to always stay ahead oft hem. Always be in the know of whats going on, on your team, within your network, and within the business. For team meetings, read the agenda beforehand, and come ready with your topics and ready to provide your input during discussions. When you speak up, you start to stand out.


Expand Past Your Network

Most companies have people networks where you can get involved with like minded individuals. For instance Black Networks, LGBTQ Networks, Women’s Networks, Veterans Networks – and a plethora of other groups to join. How about stepping outside of your comfort zone, and getting involved with a network that does not have anything to do with you directly? Expanding pass your specific network can be the key to your next promotion. When you expand past your network and start getting involved with other networks, you start communicating with people you don’t regularly communicate with. When it comes time to review, you will stand out for not just being apart of the „“Women’s Network“ or the „“Black Professional Networks“ just because that’s what you are. When your boss wants to know more about what you’ve done and why you’ve decided to join these networks you’ll stand out more among your peers for going the extra mile to integrate yourself more into the company.


Be Solution Oriented

Nobody likes problems – and the more problems you can solve the better. When looking at your role, try to be forward thinking about what problems your immediate team is experiencing within the business, and raise them with solution ideas. The better you can get ahead of a problem before it starts to really become a problem, and the more ideas you can bring to your boss or team with solutions – the more you stand out.


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